Tuesday, January 29

Exciting news!

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Thursday, December 13

Double Dare 2000

Ever watched Double Dare 2000 on TV? Well, St. John Fisher College brought their own version to campus. I participated, oh and my team won too! Thanks to the Student Activities Board or SAB students were able to watch and participate in trivia questions, a huge blow up obstacle course race, and my favorite part getting really messy with pies, shaving cream, and squirt guns to name a few of the challenges. If you have never seen this show before I would recommend looking it up, because then you can get a sense of how awesome/funny/exciting this event was for everyone. Afterwards the winning team was able to pick out from a range of gift cards that they could each take with them. SAB always has awesome prizes for their members and the people that participate in their events. Also, as an intermission to this event SAB held their BUCK auction, which is the opportunity for people to participate in an auction for more amazing prizes (Call of Duty Black Ops, Vera Bradley, movie pack, food pack, gift cards, etc.) with the coupons that they earn for each SAB event that they go to. Everyone really won both the prizes that they received and the fun that they had! This is just one of the cool, different, and fun events that not only SAB brings to campus for students but many other clubs do as well, like the Student Government Association, Res Life, and Commuter Council. There is always something to do for everyone!

Adventures in the Rochester Area

Being my last weekend at St. John Fisher College’s campus before I study abroad in Limerick, Ireland in the spring I decided that my friends and I should go out and explore more of what Rochester has to offer together. It is also a great way to relieve some stress before finals. Anyway, so of course my favorite place in the world to go is the zoo, so that was how we decided to spend the day! Zoos I found out really appreciate when people visit in the winter, because that is not when they are most busy. They hurt in the winter due to the decrease in visitors. I will let you in on a big secret though, and that is that the winter is the BEST time to visit the zoo. The animals are very active, because it’s not as hot and there are not as many people tiring them out. So low and behold we had an amazing time at the Seneca Park Zoo in the older part of the zoo with the orangutans, rhinos, wolves, etc. and in the new part of the zoo (The African Safari) with the lions, fake tour bus, elephants, and baboons too. I love that St. John Fisher College is in the middle or close to so many off campus activities too, like the Seneca Park Zoo!


Wednesday, December 12

As I talked about yesterday, it's finals week here at Fisher. There isn't a whole lot going on around campus outside of the tests. Although it appears to be this way, walk into any area with a table or computer and you will find dozens of dozens of people studying for their finals. These locations can be found at several different places across campus. One of the most populated of them being our Lavery Library. We have a three-floor library. The main floor has brand new computer work stations, and plenty of space to study/work with groups. Downstairs, there are more options for group tables as well as a computer lab. On the top floor is a great spot for individual studying, with study rooms and an atmosphere we call the "quiet floor". Besides the library, most of the residence halls have computer labs/study areas to work in. There is an entire floor of Kearney Hall (an academic building) as well as lab stations throughout other buildings. The hidden gems throughout campus are also utilized by many students. So, if you have studying or work that needs to be done at Fisher, we have so many resources for you to take advantage of.

Today has been the best day out of the whole semester because I just finished my last final exam. Now is the time for me to wait for the results. I am very glad that everything is over. I can finally watching movies and TV shows without worrying about the exams now. Time passed so fast. I can’t believe I am half way through my sophomore year already. The memory of the first day of college is still vivid to me.

By the way, for those who didn’t know, we had our AIM dance show last Friday night. It turned out very well. All the seats were filled. Thank you for those who came to support us, and those who emotionally support us :). Anyway, I have some big plans this week. I am planning to go down to New York City this Sunday to finish some paperwork for studying abroad, so I am very excited about that. I will also visit many of my closest friends down there while I am in New York City. Hopefully, everything will go smooth with my application for a visa and paperwork. Wish me luck. I wish all of you a merry Christmas!!! I will talk to you again in 2013!


Thursday, December 6

Since next week is finals week there have been many different programs going on around campus to get students to take a break and have fun! The other night there was a Pinterest night where you could go to make different holiday crafts. It was nice to be able to take a little break from cramming for finals and make holiday gifts for people back at home! Also, many of the Resident Assistants are having different programs each night just to help people relax and have fun before break!!!

This is the last week of classes here at Fisher, so it’s a very busy time! I’ve spent hours preparing for tests, writing essays, and creating projects and presentations all for this week and next. It’s a very busy time for all students and there have been many hours spent in the library. But it’s all worth it because at the end of the semester we get to show all of the knowledge we’ve obtained and the concepts we’ve mastered. I haven’t enjoyed the hours I’ve spent on all of these assignments, but I have and will continue to enjoy the things I’m learning. Even if it doesn’t seem applicable right now that I have to know what happened during the French revolution, why it happened, or the significance of it happening; I know that very soon when I go to grad school or begin teaching I will need to know.