Sunday, February 8

Biology Professors by Day, Rock Stars by Night

Hey it's Tony!

This weekend we had the Teddi Dance for Love which is a twenty four hour dance marathon to benefit Camp Good Days and Cancer research. I went for an hour on Saturday morning to see the band, Big Tuna and the Fishermen. They were a faculty band. This event reminded me how much I appreciate our visible and approachable faculty. All of the biology department professors and their families were there to support the group and it was fun to talk and hang out with them in a non-academic setting. It just goes to show that the faculty is very involved on campus and go out of their way to help students and show their support of campus activities.

There aren't many colleges where you can experience this. I have a lot of friends at other colleges who have never personally met their professors. The professors don't know their names. They only deal with upper class men teaching assistants. This is not the case at Saint John Fisher.

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