Tuesday, February 24

Fighting the Freshman Fifteen

Hey it's Tony-
My friends and I got a great workout today. We played an hour and half of racquetball. It is a great way to get competitive with your friends and have fun. We then ran a couple miles and did a great back and biceps lifting workout. Working out is so much better when you're having fun so workout with a friend and make it social.

There are tons of opportunities to get your work out in with the Student Life Center's flexible and long hours. Not only do you have access to the fitness rooms for FREE but we also have fitness classes and clubs. The power and performance club meets weekly with our strength and conditioning coach to develop a personalized workout program to target your needs/desires. There are also weekly fitness classes like pilates and kickboxing that are only $1 a class. These are great ways to fight the freshman fifteen and have some fun as well.

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