Saturday, April 25

Fisher Fever

Yesterday was the first REAL warm day at Fisher and it was the perfect day for Fisher Fever! Fisher Fever is a cookout for the students from 4-7pm filled with many activities and a DJ. T-shirts were thrown out to the students and I was lucky enough to catch one! I was sooo excited! There were raffles held as well and prizes were movies, tickets to see a Redwings game, kanjam sets and apparel from the book store. Ben & Jerry's ice cream was served as well as free tattoo booths and other blow up "rides". It was a great event to hold for the winding down of the year. My last class was yesterday (4/24) and my last exam is this coming Monday(4/27). I am looking forward to going home for the summer to take a break from all of this work. Good luck to all the seniors who are graduating-- Especially Linds ;-) I'll miss seeing you around, dear!


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