Tuesday, March 9

All Good Things Come to an End…

Well, not to my liking, Spring Break is over. I flew back from Florida late Sunday night and arrived in Albany. I then drove back to Fisher Monday morning to make it just in time for my class.

I really had a great time in Florida! I spent everyday laying out in the sun and relaxing! I also did a lot of shopping and spent a lot of time with my grandparents and their friends! Sunday I spent the entire day at the beach and my grandparents had to drag me away so I did not miss my flight!

I was really sad that I had to leave the beautiful sunny weather in Florida and come back up here to NY, but I was in for a surprise! Today was actually a beautiful spring day!! It was really sunny and warm and everyone on campus took full advantage of it! People were going for runs all over campus, playing on the turf field which was cleared of snow and everyone seemed to be in a great mood! I loved that I came back from Florida and was greeted with this beautiful weather!

I just hope it stays this way! I am sooo over winter! Even though I was sad to leave Florida, my grandma did say that all good things come to an end and she was right. Now it is back to work and staying focused on school for a few more weeks, and then it will be summer!! The semester is going by so fast!!

Below are some pictures from my trip!!

Brittany : )

(View out of my window on the plane leaving Albany)
(Hello Florida!!)
(Barefoot Beach, Bonita Springs, Florida!)

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