Wednesday, March 10


Hello All,

This week has been such a game of catch up since we’ve been back from Spring break. I spent my break in D.C. visiting a friend. I would say the highlights were visiting the National Art Gallery-They have an awesome contemporary/modern art section and visiting the White House was the other! My friend is interning with the White House so I was able to visit the East and West Wing as well as the Oval Office.

I am currently trying to get caught up on a lot of my work for school. I always feel like when I come back from Spring break it’s the true home stretch till the end of the year. Being a Junior I know I’m also starting to feel the pressure of figuring out what I’m going to do but luckily all my friends are in the same boat I am. Plus Fisher’s Career Center is offering a lot of workshops and is always there to help review anything I need, Regardless of how much anxiety I put on myself I know that Fisher has prepared me. I just worry too much :p! Well time to go to my sociology class! Gotta go!

Until next time,

PS: Of the very few pictures I was allowed to take lol here is one of me and my friend Eddie from in front of one of the White House entrances.

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