Monday, March 14

Hi everyone,

This was the first full week back from Spring Break and it was a crazy one. Neither one of us did anything special over break so we caught up on some much needed sleep and spent time with our families. It was really nice to be home. Both of us had a ton of stuff to do this week with tests and homework and Amanda is campaigning for Class of 2013 Vice President so, we have been keeping busy. The good thing though is after this week our lives will be a little less stressful for at least a week and we can catch up on our quality roommate bonding time :) This past weekend it was one of our best friends’ birthdays, so we took her out to dinner and went shopping. It was nice to just spend some time with our friends because we hadn’t seen them in over a week. This coming week is elections so if you know anyone that goes to Fisher and is part of the Class of 2013 tell them to vote Ticket B!! Have a great week everyone and look for our blog next week!

Amanda & Maggie

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