Friday, October 28

Hey everyone!

It's officially fall weather outside here at Fisher. I love fall so much. It is by far my favorite season. As I am walking to class I see leaves changing and falling and the weather is just cool enough to wear warm clothes again. Not to mention pumpkins and apple picking. Last weekend I went to a haunted hayride which was so fun and I went apple picking. It was actually my first time apple picking and I just loved it. I also carved a pumpkin which I decided was named Jack O. Lantern. Original, I know haha.

I am really excited that Halloween is coming up soon but even though its a few weeks off, I am so excited for Thanksgiving too! For Halloween, me and my friends are being the characters from Law and Order: SVU. I am going to be Olivia Benson. Her character is great so I can't wait to be her for a night. Fisher has been having so many fall and halloween related events on campus. For example, last night there was a member of Ghost Hunter's International on campus to talk and there was a ghost hunt. I think it's pretty cool that Fisher has all this stuff.

As for Thanksgiving, we are four weeks away from it. I can't wait to go home and have great food! Not to mention shopping on black Friday for Christmas presents. It's so crazy to be thinking about Christmas already. This semester is flying by! I can't believe I am already almost halfway through my Sophomore year! I guess what they say is true; the older you get, the faster time goes!

Well anyways, it's lunch time so until next time...

*Kate :)

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