Monday, November 5

The First Snowfall at St. John Fisher College

Some people that I have talked to say that all college campuses look and feel the same. Walking through St. John Fisher I cannot agree with these opinions. There is no way that at every college people hold the door open for everyone else. There is no way that at every college campus you look out of your residence hall room and see the trees’ leaves change color before your eyes. One of my top reasons that I love this college and am thankful to be a part of the Fisher family is because this is not your ordinary campus. Not only are they always working to improve and “beautify” the campus with different projects large and small, they are also making sure that students enjoy this special adventure-filled time in their lives to be a college student.

The first snowfall that I witnessed this year, even though it barely left a white powder on the buildings, was today. Now that I have heard the crickets in the summer, seen the trees change when fall came around, it is time for a Rochester winter to finally come. I am excited to see snow on the ground of St. John Fisher College’s campus, because I can only imagine the trees’ outlines going from brown to being covered in white or the footprints going every which way in the packed snow. I cannot wait to see the snowman that I create this winter when the snow pays St. John Fisher College a visit. This first snowfall is exciting, because as the seasons change, the campus adjusts as well. We have such beautiful campus grounds and the campus spirit to back that up!

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