Thursday, February 5

Teddi this weekend!

Hey Everyone!!!

Well its official, this week is almost over! Now that classes are in full swing and we are 4 weeks into the semester, I'm officially a very busy student!

This weekend is the Teddi Dance for Love!!! I'm so excited for this year, its going to be a blast. It starts at 8 on Friday night and ends Saturday night at 8. We will be dancing for a full 24 hours. My roommate's parents came up last night to bring her some clothes to wear during the theme hours. Some theme hours are boy bands, prom, old school TV shows (aka Rugrats and All That) and so many more! Everyone wears costumes for each hour and some people get really creative. 

Everything else this week has been pretty low key. I have cleared my schedule to have some pre-Teddi prep and post-Teddi rest!

Stay tuned because after this weekend I will have videos from Teddi and pictures of the different theme hours! 

See ya next post!

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