Thursday, February 5


A good way to get involved on campus is to join an intramural team! It is definitely an awesome way to take a break from all that school work and still stay in shape! Sometimes I find it so hard to make it to the gym because I am just so tired! Intramural games are every night of the week, but a different sport each night. The games are late enough so people can usually make them after night class or meetings. Our first co-ed game was last night (2/4) at 10:00pm and we won! with 13 seconds left in the game my friend hit a 3 point shot to win us the game! Our team name is the Swat Cats. Don't ask what that is... I guess it's a TV show from a long time ago. Whatever! It's still a blast! Although teams have been formed and games have started, some teams could still use extra players. If not, still come and support your friends!

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