Thursday, February 19

Studying Abroad at Fisher!

Lindsay here,

Have you ever wanted to travel the world? Want to live in another country for 4 months? Have you ever wanted to get course credit and pay only a semester's tuition for it?

Well at Fisher you have that opportunity! There are many countries you can study abroad in through our 4 different study abroad programs.

I studied abroad the summer before my junior year of college in France and my first semester junior year in London and let me tell you, they were both experiences of a lifetime that I will never forget.

I was able to complete course credit for Fisher through the classes I took there as well as an internship at a Marketing firm. I was also able to travel to amazing places beyond London such as Italy and Ireland.

If you want more information on the specific programs, requirements and places you can go, visit the Foreign Study Program home page on Fisher's website for more information.

Talk to you next post!

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