Tuesday, February 17

SAB Events this week!

Hey everyone! Lindsay here!

This week is a busy week both academically and socially for me. I have a midterm tomorrow (that I should be studying for right now but I needed a break) and lots of other work to do.

SAB (Student Activities Board) is holding so many upcoming events this week. We have an acoustic sideshow coming and there are tickets to an SU game for sale if you want to go to that. It's going to be a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to it.

There is also going to be a ski pass for $10 with your student ID. I will most definitely be there. I'm a member of Fisher Ski Association so any chance I get to go skiing I will.

That's about it! SAB always has different on and off campus events for students to go to which is a great way to break up your busy week!

See ya next post!


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