Thursday, March 5

Need a Job?

Does anyone ever wonder how it is possible to make some cash while going to school? Well don't stress! There are plenty of opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities around campus. There are work study jobs available as well as non work study. Work study positions allow you to work in a specific area of campus (i.e the library, bookstore, gym, etc) while still being able to do your homework! I am currently a student ambassador on campus for non-work study. I give tours around campus as well as attend open houses to help any student who is interested in learning more about Fisher! I also work off campus at Coldstone Creamery a few days a week! My manager is very understanding about my academic schedule and is willing to make many adjustments for me. So if anyone is interested in a job on campus, it is possible! You can apply for work study through your financial aid or just check your emails for job opportunities!


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