Monday, March 16

Spring Break update as promised!

Hey guys! As promised, here is my update on spring break. It was AWESOME! My roommate Lauren and I had an awesome time traveling up and down the west coast from San Diego up to L.A. then out to Arizona where we met up with the softball girls. 
San Diego was gorgeous and we had a great 3 days there! I had a job interview with a company called Aviatech that went really well. Fingers crossed. Of course, we went to the San Diego Zoo and had a great time there. I wasn't a huge fan of the zillion snakes that they had but the giraffes were pretty cool so it all was worth it.
On Tuesday, we drove out to Tucson to meet up with our two other suitemates and the rest of the softball team! They won 8 out of 10 games and had a great time. It was so much fun watching them out in Tucson. We all had a great time and there were over 60 people out there to support them. It was crazy!

It was a crazy trip and by the end we were ready to be back at Fisher.

Lindsay :)

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