Tuesday, April 7

Winding down!

Its official... we have 11 days of classes left! Yes, 11. Sadly, that was not a typo. I cannot believe that this semester has gone by so fast. That means that my job search has really intensified and everyday I am applying to jobs.

At Fisher, we have a great system called the CARD system which allows you to meet some professionals in other areas of the country so that they can help you with your job or internship search. It has been a lot of help to me so far. I will be moving down to DC in June and cant wait to get started in my field. 

Other than that, things are slowing down around Fisher (for now). Easter break starts tomorrow then come the last two weeks of classes, things will be in high gears! 

Until next time,

Ps - GO UNC!!!!!!! (also, I dont think Tony won the iPod Touch, sorry neighbor!)

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