Monday, October 5

Horse-ing Around…Fisher Style

Hiya Folks!

It’s just me again here to talk about my Weekend fun at Fisher. Let me first start off by saying it was not a typical college weekend. Usually those go something like staying up late and rolling out of bed at 11:30 am for some brunch. My Saturday was something totally different thanks to the Equestrian Club here on campus. So I decided (and it was a brilliant idea at the time) to help volunteer with the Fisher Equestrian team as they put on the Equestrian Special Olympics down the road from Fisher. I’ve never been to an equestrian show before and I love volunteering with the Special Olympics so I said “Why not?”

Well, they didn’t tell me I had to be up at 5 in the morning to go to the barn, get the horses ready and be trained for the event at 9am! Although it was a hassle getting up, I did and had the best time of my life (after the coffee kicked in). The event was held with the equestrian teams from Nazareth College (our sister school) and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). It was so fun watching and learning all about the sport, and even better cheering on the participants. Although we all came from different school, it seems like we knew each other for years.

The day was long (and the barn smelled a little), but it was so fun and rewarding to see the Olympians play and ride the horses so competitively. It just reminded me of one the many reasons I choose Fisher, its community service!

Until we meet again…


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