Thursday, October 1


Hey Everyone!

Kaylee here again! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post but life has been extremely busy on campus. The title of this blog is one of the only reasons I can get through each day. It’s kinda like the theme song of Fisher campus since it hit the radio stations and if I am ever feeling tired I just blare that song and I’m in the zone again.

So campus is “bumpin’,” as my mom would say. I have rehearsals for the musical, The Wedding Singer, every night Sunday through Thursday from 9:30 pm until we’re done with that rehearsal. Rehearsals are going well so far. It is always a little slow the first couple weeks while everyone is learning their blocking and lines but we’ll be starting choral rehearsals this Thursday and dancing rehearsals start this coming Sunday. Our lead male role is a freshman who seems to be really enjoying himself and excelling everyday with each rehearsal. Our pit is rehearsing already and are learning the music as well as bonding as a musical unit. The crew met today to start clearing out the prop/costume room along with both wings of the stage. They are extremely excited to start working on building the set!

I am also working in Senate diligently to help pass some resolutions, or changes, for funds to help enhance some of our performing art clubs; including: Fisher Players (drama club), Dance Club and Measure 13 (a cappella singing club). Fisher Players needs a new light board really bad and a spot light as well; Dance Club needs a new sound system completely and mirrors to practice with; Measure 13 needs the pianos on campus tuned more often so they can practice with a tuned machine. All of these renovations will be great for years to come; however we need big funding for these adjustments. For that I can create a “bill,” essentially, and if Senate “passes” it, it will go to the Student Government Association Executive Board that will then vote on it and give funding as needed. I’ve been talking with many students and it seems to be a good initiative that many people believe in. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Also in Senate I am the Spirit Committee Chair. On Senate we have different committees that handle different aspects on campus to help make campus a better place for the students. Committees include but are not limited to: Student Services, Facilities, Safety and Security, Diversity, and Spirit. As a chair of any committee we have to present to the entire Senate what our committee is working on and ask if we need anything from the Senate. In past years the Spirit Committee hasn’t done much because they haven’t thought outside the box, if you will. However, this year my committee and I are working diligently to create a plan to implement over this entire school year to boost school spirit on campus not just during our Homecoming Week (which was two weeks ago) but everyday of the year! We first are trying to find funds to help with buying all that we want to bring to campus with help from the Student Government Association Executive Board and some fundraising ideas from us, including: spirit tshirts, maroon and gold scarves & mittens.

Lambda Phi Eta is a new organization that is forming on campus that I recently joined. It is the Communications’ Department Honor Society that is nationally recognized. I am now the treasurer of the organization and helping my fellow executive board members to start fundraising with tshirts and events to promote us on campus, since no one really knows about the organization yet. We plan on having a movie night where we will show The Great Debaters with free pizza and raffle prizes. This will hopefully be collaboration with our campus’ Diversity and Multi-Cultural Affairs Office.

I also have all my classes in full swing with readings, papers and presentations but those are the easy part (yea). All-in-all my life is busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the people I get to hang out with for each event, I’m enjoying all my classes, and I’m not too stressed out about everything, believe it or not. I like staying busy, that way I can manage my time smoothly and not have to worry about procrastinating (as much).

Well that’s it for now…I have to go read some of my books for my History of the Holocaust class and do a drawing for my Drawing: Appreciation and Development class.

Until we meet again,

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