Monday, November 16

Top ten ways to relieve stress

Just me again posting on the Fisher Insider, your daily source for news and fun at St. John Fisher College (okay, well maybe not your daily source, it is pretty awesome). In today’s post I wanted to talk about all of the ways I try to relieve stress at Fisher. It’s that time where everyone realizes that there are only 3 weeks left in the semester and finals are around the corner. You can feel people are studying hard and need to take a break and relax. So here is my “Top Ten” list of things to do to relieve the stress of classes:

10. Go for a run around campus or work out at the SLC

9. Visit the Cardinal Café for a Coffee or Smoothie Break

8. Play Ultimate Frisbee or Kan Jam in the Quad

7. See a movie with friends

6. Go shopping

5. Go to Work (It may not sound fun, but it takes my mind off things)

4. Sleep

3. Rent a video from Lavery Library

2. Volunteer in the Community

1. Go Squirrel Watching

So there you have it folks, my personal “Top Ten” of things to do while stressed out with classes and life in general.

Until we meet again…


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