Friday, November 20

An IT Internship

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So for this week’s post, I wanted to talk about all of the stuff Fisher offers outside of the classroom. It’s called real-world experience, it’s what you get when you move away from the desk and whiteboard and put theory into practice. While I have been at Fisher, I have had a great opportunity to participate in an internship program through the Computer Science/Information Technology Department. My minor is in IT and I love fixing computers, so I said why not. I didn’t know what I was getting into at the time, but I knew it would be an experience. After much searching, phone calls, emails, and interviews, I got a job with a corporation in Rochester that specializes in nationwide medical and legal transcription services. My official title was Systems Support Technician, and I was charged with maintaining the various IT systems that linked the two corporate offices (one in Rochester and the other in North Carolina) and the hundreds of home-based employees working for the company. Besides getting to talk to and helping people from all across the U.S., I gained valuable field experience and was able to learn so much more than I thought possible. Even better…it was paid. After the weeks passed, I was sad to leave but I will always remember what I learned and the experiences that allowed me to connect my learning here at Fisher will the community (and world) around me.

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