Monday, December 7

Hey Everyone!

{My name is Nicole and I’m a junior at Fisher this year! –I swear I don’t know where the time went!! I am so happy that I chose Fisher because I’ve done so much over the past 3 years. I’ve met so many great friends and honestly I’ve done more than I ever anticipated but I’ve loved every minute!!! I’ve been a part of several activities that Fisher has to offer and I feel honored to hold several leadership positions. College is definitely what you make of it, so therefore make the most of it!!}

Lately, classes are dwindling down and exams are rolling around. Most people are studying and spending time with friends before the semesters over. The great thing about Fisher is that there’s always something to do. We have a huge movie collection at the library so if you’re more of a homebody you can just hang out and watch a movie with friends in your room or go to an on campus event! Almost any day of the week you can usually find something going on. (Tonight the Student Activities Board is having their weekly event.) Or maybe you like to get off campus more. Rochester is great because there are so many things close by. Pittsford is right down the road, I love to go down into town and study at their Starbucks! The Eastview mall is huge and is a 10 min drive or the historic city of Rochester has so many things to do! Taking a day trip to the museum or seeing a show is always a great time.
This weekend I’m doing my last bit of Christmas shopping, I’m on duty since I am a Resident Assistant and I plan to go to our campus’ Battle of the Bands for TEDDI this Sunday! It’s going to be busy!

I’ll keep you posted!


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