Friday, December 11


This is the last week of classes and everyone is feeling the stress and pressure to get all our assignments done. You know it is the end of the semester when you go to find a computer in the computer lab, and they are all taken! I have spent this entire week finishing up many assignments, and have spent many hours in the computer lab and library trying to get everything done! I will be so relieved when this week is over and I can actually breathe! One nice thing Fisher offers is Stress Free Week. Since everyone is stressed out this week, Campus Life tries to eliminate some stress by holding different events to make you de-stress a little bit! Starting today, Thursday, Campus Life puts on a different de-stressing event each day. Thursday night they are holding RSA Bingo, Friday night is our big Snowed In event where there will be an ice skating rink, hot chocolate and more! Saturday night, the Student Activities Board is holding a Price is Right night. Sunday there is Sunday Night Football, so the games will be broadcasted and there will be free food. Monday during the day, there are massages being offered in the library! Tuesday Jeopardy is taking place in the Campus Center. Wednesday holiday movies are being shown, along with holiday treats being served! Finally, Thursday there will be aqua massages being offered! All these activities are great because it is nice to stop studying for a little bit, take a break and do something fun! I’m sure I will take part in some of the events sometime this week!! Well, I better get back to my work!! I know it will be over with soon!!
Brittany : )

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