Friday, December 11


Hello Again all!!

What a week! Today was my last day of classes for the semester and next week I only have two more exams left! Where does the time go?! Plus this week we got snowwww! Winter has officially arrived. I know some people say they hate it but I love the seasons! And here at Fisher I swear I don’t care what time it is, someone is always playing in the snow lol. This week because of finals the whole campus has different ‘stress free’ activities going on! This week alone I took a break to get a massage in the campus center, decorated Christmas cookies and grabbed breakfast for free the one morning! And tonight, were ice skating in the Student Life Center! Yes I said ice skating!!!!!! They rented a rink and are having different activities to celebrate the closing of the semester. On an academic note, I think so far I’ve done pretty well on my exams and I’m pumped about classes next semester! Plus in 16 days Ill be going to Europe through Fisher for a Political Science Conference! It’s going to be AWESOME! Ill be in Paris for New Years!! Ill keep you updated!

Until next time…


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