Thursday, December 17

It’s Over!!!

So as I am writing this blog, I am finishing packing my room up and going to take my last final!!! I can not believe the semester is actually over!! It feels as though we were just moving in, and now we are all heading home for the holidays! This whole week I have spent studying and working on final projects. It has been very stressful, but the end is here now and I am looking forward to going home! One thing I did do this week to relieve some stress was I went to the Snowed In event that different clubs on campus put on. At this event there were different activities that we could take part in. Some of the activities were Christmas cookie making, ornament making, singing, ice-skating, carriage rides and even Santa himself! They converted the Student Life Center into an ice skating rink where students could ice-skate. It was a lot of fun and it was a nice break from all that studying. A lot of students came out to this event!

I am looking forward to heading home today and relaxing for a month!! I can not wait to see my friends and family and to spend time with them!! I hope everyone has a nice holiday!

Brittany : )

(Here are some pictures from the Snowed In event!!)

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