Friday, December 18


Hello Again All!

It’s official. The end of my fall semester, junior year is OVERRR! Winter break has arrived and so has the snow. Let me recap what this past week’s festivities included-The library became the new go-to spot (amazing really how finals has that affect on people, I can’t imagine how many pots of coffee the library must have gone through! Yes they make us free coffee during finals, but okay now I’m getting off point!), Like I was saying-the snow came! People were outside playing at all hours and I swear you would think 20 year olds became 6 again at the sight of the stuff.

Lol I had my final Starbucks date with one of my BFF’s. He got an internship through our Fisher Semester in Washington Program and he’ll be interning with the White House! Crazy right!? On an academic note, I am so happy finals are done but in all honesty every time I look back they’re really not half as bad as I make them out to be (I can be so dramatic at times loll) With the bad weather and finals though, Lackmann (our dining services) and Campus Life kept up with great food and activities throughout these last few weeks to keep us sane! It is also official that in NINE DAYS I will be in Europe! I heart the political science department for being amazing and giving me amazing opportunities like this one!  But I also have to mention that we have plenty of other awesome departments that can fit your interests, See for yourself!

Until next time!

-Nicole V

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