Tuesday, December 22

Hello from Clifton Park!!! : )

Well I made it home safe and sound and boy am I glad to be home!! : ) Since I have been home I have been busy getting ready for Christmas. I have finished up my Christmas shopping, (which as of today is all done!), helped my Mom cook and get the house ready for Christmas, seen my friends from High School and just relaxed. Although I love being at St. John Fisher College, it’s always great to come home and enjoy the comforts of being around your family at the holidays! You begin to appreciate your family’s traditions even more, after having been away at school. It’s also a lot of fun to talk with your friends during finals week about what you will be doing over the winter break. My older sister always says don’t take for granted the 4 weeks you have off during the holidays while you’re in college, because once you’re in the real world, a few DAYS seems like a treat! My Christmas break will be a very busy break! I will be picking up some extra hours at the restaurant (where I work during the summer), celebrating not only Christmas but both my sister and my birthdays, and spending time with my family and friends. Hope all of you have a great holiday season, and a great start to the New Year!


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