Tuesday, March 30

Fun & Busy Weekend!

This past weekend I was very, very busy! I felt like I was running from one activity to the next and never stopping! Saturday morning, the Fisher Education Department hosted an event called First Grade at College. This event is when first graders from the Rochester City School’s are bused to Fisher and spend a morning at “college”. The first graders and their families go through different activities.

The event started with the Dean of the Education Department and the Principal at School #16 speaking. Next, the parents of the first graders left and went to an educational workshop that talked to them about college and how it is never too early to start thinking about sending their children to college.

Meanwhile, the first graders were left with us, the education majors. We had many stations for the first graders to go to. At these stations, the students learned something and were able to create a project. Some of the activities consisted of making spring place mats, planting a plant, learning about the President and learning about graduation. After about an hour of participating in various activities, the parents came back and there were closing remarks. All together, there were over 50 first graders that participated from 5 Rochester City schools. It felt so nice to volunteer at it! I just love to see how happy the children are when you spend time with them!
Right from First Grade at College, I went to Accepted Open House. I had to give tours to students who have been accepted for the fall semester. It was great to see so many families come out!

After Open House, I went right to my dance show. It was the second night that the dance club was performing. We had 20 numbers consisting of various group dances, solos and duets. We had many different styles of dance as well. There was lyrical, hip-hop, jazz, tap and musical theatre. The show lasted about 1 ½ hours and we had a very good turn out. By the end of it, I was exhausted from my very busy long day!

On Sunday, I had to perform at one more dance show. This time though, my parents drove out from Albany, NY to see me! It was great to see them and spend some time with them. By the end of Sunday, I was sooooooo tired from going, going, going alllll weekend long!! I still have not caught up on sleep from this weekend!! Good thing break starts Wednesday and I can then hopefully catch up on my sleep!

I leave Wednesday to go home for Easter break and I am sooo looking forward to it! I’ll write next week about my break!!

Brittany : )

Here are some pictures from my dance shows this weekend!!

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