Monday, April 5

Last 3 Weeks!!

Well, the last 3 weeks of school are here and let’s bring on the craziness!! This past week was a short week here at Fisher because we all left for Easter break on Wednesday (if not earlier!). I went back home to Clifton Park for break.

This break is always a tease because we are so close to being done with the school year and being home just makes you want it to be summer vacation now! While home, I worked at the restaurant that I usually work at during the summer break. I also enjoyed the beautiful weather that we have been having! I was able to enjoy the sun while sitting by my pool! Felt like I was back in Florida!!

Even though it was break for a few days, I did not have a break from doing work. Today, I have my final presentation for one of my Special Education classes, Collaboration for Inclusion. Over break, I had to finish up the work for the presentation so I would be ready for the presentation. I also had to create two lessons that I am going to teach this week at the city school I have been doing my field experience hours at.

This time of the semester is always crazy for Education majors because we do not technically have finals. We have final binders and presentations that are due before the semester ends, leaving our finals week a little bit less stressful.

This week I have a lot of projects that are due plus I am finishing my 40 hours of field work experience at the city schools. Only 3 more weeks until I can finally be done and summer vacation can be here!! I am sooo looking forward to it!


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