Wednesday, April 7

Procrastination…..When did it begin?….

Ok, so I do this every year. I procrastinate. And whether you’re in High school or College, you can relate I’m sure. Its that end of the year stress, and you know it comes EVERY year at the same time like a federal holiday but for some reason no matter what you do-You can never be prepared enough! Ugh! I swear I’m a go-getter but once you get to college it’s not the same as it used to be.

Right now I’m working on my first thesis so its not like before where most assignments you have someone walking you through it. I’m trying to get through not only final projects but also trying to stay on top of work, finding an apartment for summer and trying to live up the last few weeks with friends. It’s not easy! I’m not going to lie.

The good news is all of my professors are very understanding and are always willing to lend a listening ear to whatever issues I’m having. Plus its reassuring knowing everyone else is in the same boat with you! So it’s not as bad. Besides the end of the year stress we had registration for classes today. The good thing is, you can pretty much choose your schedule times/classes to what you like and need since there’s so many options and it takes 5 minutes since its all online! So no 5-hour registration lines!

All is pretty normal here though, I'm going to Grease on Friday to watch my friend Amanda in the play put on by our own Fisher Players! Should be a good time!

Until next time,
Nicole <3

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