Wednesday, March 24


I’m so excited for this weekend because I have a prospective student coming to stay the night with me! She’s coming on Sunday afternoon which is perfect because I can spend Saturday doing my homework so that by the time she gets here I can show her the fun side of Fisher!

I have decided that we will go see the Sunday showing of Its Complicated, presented by SAB. My roommate and I ALWAYS go to these movies because they are free of charge, and the movies are all newly out of theaters and not yet on DVD. Last week they showed New Moon and the theater was packed!! Fisher has a ton of Twilight fans :) Also at the movies SAB gives out a bunch of prizes, like movie posters, DVDs and movie snacks!!

On Monday she will come with me to my morning classes, and usually in the afternoon I would have Zoology lab, but since next week is Easter break all labs were canceled. She will get to see my Zoology class, Spanish class (which is awesome because she wants to major in Spanish) and my chemistry class. Hopefully she will enjoy the classes as much as I do!!


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