Friday, March 12

Pile on the Work…

Hey everyone!

Hope all is going well. Last week was our spring break and I went away just to visit a couple of my friends at different schools. It was nice and relaxing, but now it is back to work. This week and next, I will be the busiest I have been this entire semester.

I have four projects that are due and three papers all by the last week in March. The classes that these projects and papers are due consist of Broadcasting: History and Development, Criminology as well as Introduction to High Technology. This will keep me busy, and yes sadly to say even on the weekends. For my Broadcasting class, I am presenting on “How Saturday Night Live Brought Political Views to America” and for my Criminology class we are watching American History X and sociologically analyzing that. Along with that, we have to apply crime theories to a random offender that our professor has assigned to us. In Introduction to High Technology, we are doing some type of project with Excel, but to tell you the truth I don’t know what it is yet because it will be assigned next week.

I guess you could say I am pretty busy. And I know that it goes for basically all the other students as well. On the bright side, only 11 more Tuesday/Thursday classes left and about 6 ½ weeks left of school! Be good everyone, and keep up the good work.

Until next time, this has been Matt.

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