Tuesday, March 2

Spring Break in Bonita Springs, Florida!!

Hello from the sunshine state!!! : )

Yes, I am in the sunny state of Florida and enjoying every minute of it!! I arrived down here Saturday morning, a day after I was supposed to arrive because thanks to the wonderful NY snowstorm that gave us soooo much snow, my flight out of Albany was cancelled. I was not too happy, but the airlines put me on the next available flight, which was early Saturday morning. I was so happy to get away from the cold and snow! It was such a shock to walk off the airplane and feel the warmth and actually see the sun!! I am staying in Bonita Springs which is south of Fort Myers, on the Gulf Coast side of Florida! My grandparents live there so I am staying at their house with them for over a week!

Since I have been down here, I have spent everyday so far sitting by the pool, enjoying the sun and going swimming! It has been so relaxing and I have loved it! I have really enjoyed getting away from school work and not having to worry about it for over a week! I have been able to actually read some books that I have been wanting to read and caught up on my magazines! Living this relaxing life makes me want to live down here full time!! : )

Well, the sun and the warmth are calling for me soooo I better get back to that!! I will be enjoying the rest of my time down here in Florida, and I will let you know how the rest of my trip goes!!

Brittany : )

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