Thursday, April 22

The Final Countdown!

I can’t believe this week is our last week of classes!! It seems just like yesterday that everyone was lugging their suitcases and TVs up the stairs into their dorm rooms!! It’s going to be so weird to start packing and move out. Very Bittersweet.

It seems like everyone this week is scurrying to do one last run through of their presentations or doing the final editing check on papers – making sure that they end the semester on a good note. This week I have one presentation and three exams. It is a bit overwhelming but if I just work hard everything will turn out fine.

To kick off the summer festivities Fisher has quite a weekend planned for the students. Friday night the singer Matt Nathanson will be on campus for a concert!! Everyone is so excited and as you walk through the residence halls Matt Nathanson music is all you hear!

Saturday night SAB is sponsoring a “Night under the Stars” which is like a night time carnival with cotton candy, fried dough and all sorts of games, then around 10pm there will be fireworks. Nothing says summer like fireworks!!!

And to end the weekend all the residence halls will be having their cookouts. Hot dogs and hamburgers tons of picnic games and relay races!!! But unfortunately the end of the weekend means the beginnings of finals week… :( and the last week of my freshman year.

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