Thursday, April 22


Hello All,

So this week was by far one of the most unique weeks I’ve had. One of my best friends from home got married and I was in his wedding. I can’t believe I’m going to admit this but yes…it happened…I cried at my first wedding. I never did understand that concept of why people did cry at weddings until it happened to me this past weekend lol! Anyway back here at Fisher I am so happy to be done with some of my classes and now I’m putting the finishing touches on some take home tests and papers. I’m starting to get antsy about summer and I’m trying to finalize job and apartment plans. This week is stress free week to keep people sane during finals and RA’s and Campus Life are putting on programs to keep everyone occupied. There is Fisher Fiesta on Friday; a Cookout for the area I live in on Saturday and Matt Nathanson comes this week for our spring event as well! Should be a great end to a great semester/year.

Now I clearly remember feeling this way in high school and I must say the feeling is the same in college, that is, how bittersweet the end of the year is. I personally cant believe how fast time flies! I’m going to be a senior next year! Ahhhh!

Until next time,


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