Monday, April 19

Stay On Top of Your Game!

Hey Everyone!

Things are finally winding down here on campus. We have one final week of classes left. However, in this week of classes, there will be much to get done. Things ranging from homework assignments, projects, to studying for final exams. Though this may seem like a stressful time, there are a lot of on campus activities for students to attend to relieve their stress. For example: there are various comedians coming to campus, the Student Activities Board is showing weekly movies, as they have done all year and various other activities just to get your mind off of work. These activities are great to go to, because let me tell you, you definitely need to take a break from your work. Other than that, as I am sure all of you know, the end of the school year is stressful for all. You just have to make sure to hang in there, stay on top of your schoolwork, and take breaks every once in awhile.

Until next time, this has been Matt.

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