Thursday, April 15

Relay for Life

Hey Everyone!

Only one more week of classes left! This is such an exciting time of year! I know I’m still staying really busy trying to wrap up projects, and papers for all of my classes!

Although I’m so busy with all of my school work, I’m still really excited for this weekend. On Friday I’m going to be attending Relay for Life with a bunch of my friends. This is an event that is held here at Fisher every year, to raise money for cancer research. It is an 8 hour long indoor “walk” held in the Student Life Center that starts at 7pm Friday night, and lasts until 7am Saturday morning. The reason I put walk in quotations, is because you don’t necessarily have to be walking the entire 8 hours; that would be crazy! You can participate in a bunch of different activities that they have set up. Last year they had things such as a casino, where you could go and bet chips and win cool prizes, they had a wedding booth, where you could pretend to get married to someone, and they had food for everyone at various hours of the night. A Red Bull car came and handed out free energy drinks, and Ben & Jerry’s came and handed out free samples of ice cream! : ) Yum!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what is in store for this year!

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