Wednesday, April 14

Residence Halls

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is having a good week. We are all really busy here. We only have 8 days left of classes and a lot of tests to study for and many projects to complete.

With the end of the year coming up this week we all picked out housing for next year. My current roommate and I are living together again next year. Very exciting! Housing for double rooms started on Monday morning at 8am and it ends on Thursday afternoon. Every set of roommates is given a time in which they will choose a room. My roommate and I got to pick Monday at 8:55 am. We were some of the first students to choose. Your time is again based on the number of credits you have just like course registration. As sophomores, juniors, and seniors you get to pick your exact room. My roommates, friends, and I decided we wanted to live together in double style rooms with our own bathrooms (Keough Hall).

The link below is the pictures of all of the different residence halls. I have also posted some pictures of my own room for you guys to look at.

Have a good week. Talk to you guys next Tuesday.
-Liz - take a look at some of the residence halls.

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