Wednesday, April 14

The Last Few Weeks…

Hello All,

I can’t believe it but the last few weeks are approaching fast! Today has been one of the busiest days and in all honesty all nighters have become a regular for me. Terrible I know. This week my thesis for my 400 level sociology class is due and I also have a huge group project presentation this week. I have really been feeling the pressures of junior year.

The good news is I went to the office of academic affairs the other day and they helped me figure things out for next year, so far so good! And it looks like next year I am not only on track to graduate but have a lot of flexibility to do what I want. I also met with professors from the political science department and it looks like I’ll be doing an Independent Research study in the fall and an Honors thesis in the spring. I feel so grateful to have awesome people in my life here at Fisher to keep me on track and organized!!!!

Last weekend I went to the play Grease that Fisher Players put on and it was AWESOME! If you're looking to do drama or get involved with performance, Fisher Players is the group for you!! This week I still have a lot of work to do as well as one of my best friends from home is getting married on Saturday! Ah!
Time for class.

Until next time,

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