Wednesday, April 14

Registration Week!

This week was possibly one of the most stressful weeks of the semester for a freshman at fisher. It’s the week were you register for classes for the next semester, and like always freshman get the last pick. But there is some hope for some freshman out there - if you are a part of the Honors Program on campus or the Science Scholars program you have first pick of classes, even before the seniors!! That's because the students in these two programs have classes that they have to take so they are allowed to register before everyone to ensure that they do not get closed out of those classes.

The registration process is a simple one: in order to register you must meet with your academic advisor and show them what courses you plan to take. They are there so you do not get off track from your major or if you plan to take any classes that you may not need - which it is so nice to know that someone is looking out for you. After your advisor approves the classes, they will give you a code that you need to get into the registration system. Then you just wait for your designated time slot and then register!

One thing that I love about Fisher is the freedom the students have to take the classes that they are interested in, while still keeping on track with their academic plan!!!


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