Tuesday, April 13

Picnic Tables Studying

Hey Everyone!

Well, it’s the final three weeks of classes and I’m definitely feeling it! It’s always a very stressful time of year for everyone with year -end project deadlines approaching, and final exams rounding the corner. I know for me, my plan is to try and stay ahead of the game. I think the biggest cause of stress in the last few weeks of school is procrastinating and putting everything off until the last minute. So for me, this week is all about getting a good start on my MULTIPLE final projects!

Since the weather is getting warmer and sunnier every day, it makes it very hard to want to stay inside and do work. Thankfully, here at Fisher they provide picnic tables outside on various parts of campus when it starts getting nice out so people have the option of being outside and still getting some homework done. I think I’ll be spending a lot of time at them this year!

Until next week,
Kristi : )

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