Tuesday, April 13

Only two more weeks!!

Only 10 more days of classes…that is what I keep telling myself! I can do it! I can do it! This time of the semester can be so stressful. I have spent most of my time in the library trying to get all the assignments that are due within these next 10 days done. I am really looking forward to summer and a break from all this work!

This past week I finished my field experience hours at the city school that I was at all semester. It feels great to finally be done with my hours! One thing I can check off of my list of things to get accomplished!

This past weekend I was also very busy. On Saturday, the dance team performed at the men’s lacrosse game during halftime, so I was part of that. Right from there, I had to go and work accepted open house for the afternoon. Sunday, I spent the afternoon doing work outside (trying to enjoy the sun at the same time : ) ).

This week will be another busy week for me. I have 4 big assignments due, so yes I will be back in the library all week. Plus, on Friday I am taking part in Relay for Life here at Fisher which should be really fun! It will be a nice break from all the work I have been doing. Only two more weeks of the stress, and then it will be stress free for four months!! Well, I better get back to my work…this was a nice little distraction! : )


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