Wednesday, July 28

Top Fisher Memories

Hello All,

I feel like I always find myself asking the same thing around this time and that is, how is summer going by so fast?!

It feels like only yesterday I was moving into my little studio downtown. Right now I'm busy balancing two jobs, my LSAT class and preparing for another busy year. The other day I took a little tour of our library and it was astonishing to see what we have! We have so many precious collections.

For this week’s blog I decided to make a list of all my favorite Fisher memories/things to do at/around Fisher…a little random I know but I figured it was at least entertaining.

1) Spot coffee/Starbucks in Pittsford…it's one of my favorite places to study

2) Watching the crazy squirrels while walking to class

3) Late night Wegmans runs to get food

4) Shopping at Eastview Mall

5) Yoga class at Breathe Yoga in Pittsford

6) Running down to the canal/Schoen Place

7) TOP 3 Favorite On campus events: RSA Bingo (I can never say bingo fast enough!), Winter Gala and Homecoming week

8) Hanging out in the SGA office until all hours of the night (usually procrastinating :p)

9) Eating Sunday brunch (When I actually wake up early enough to go) in the main dining hall (mmm…waffles…..)

10) Park Ave -I love the restaurants/area, plus the houses are BOSS! (and True Life: I have become a new addict of Parkleigh)

11) Reading a book at the benches on the Keating terrace

Looking back now, I've had some pretty good times here at Fisher, but I cant wait to see what fun lies ahead for senior year!

Want to keep up with all the fun events on campus? Check out The Nest, it's filled with all the activities and involvement that you could want!

The Nest

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