Tuesday, August 10

Park Ave Living

This past spring my best friend from high school gained acceptance into the Wegmans School of Pharmacy here at Fisher. We decided to live off campus and began quickly looking for an apartment where we really lucked out when we found a place off the amazing Park Avenue. And no I’m not talking about Park Avenue, New York City; I’m talking about the gorgeous Park Avenue right here in Rochester!

Park Ave is home to many of Fisher student’s favorite restaurants, hang out spots, shopping boutiques, and numerous cafes. The neighborhood is one of the historic areas of Rochester, just blocks away from the historic George Eastman house and museums on East Avenue. The neighborhood is also home to many college students from both Fisher and Nazareth. Because of its prime location in the city and its many attractions, it’s no secret that the neighborhood is the host of the summers annual Park Avenue Festival!

The Park Ave Fest consists of two days of mini-concerts, local musicians, food vendors, and lots of garage sales! Being one of the avenues newest residents I thought it’d be more than perfect to enjoy the festival with Fisher friends to catch up from our summer break away from school. Park Ave Fest was a great time and definitely is a nice way to start the month of August here in Rochester.

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