Wednesday, August 11

Move in day...Just around the corner..

As the summer is winding down, classes will be back in full swing before we know it. Campus Life is working hard preparing for another freshmen class and Orientation week. Some of the great events they have planned for the first few weeks of classes consist of a Back to School Bash, an NFL Night, Drive In Movie, Involvement Fest and all the festivities of Courage Bowl Weekend! I remember how antsy I was getting ready for Move in Day. Here is a packing list from the Residential Life website so you don’t forget anything!

What to Bring:

• Garbage Can
• Desk light (non-halogen)
• Memo/message board
• Pictures/posters
• Can opener (hand held)
• Microwave (0.7 cubic ft. or smaller)
• Refrigerator (Size: no greater than 3.2 cubic feet and power consumption: no greater than 1.5 amp.)
• Stereo/radio
• TV
• A small fan
• Power Strip (UL Approved)
• Silverware, dishes
• Dish cloth, dish soap
• Vacuum
• Laundry essentials (detergent, softener, bag or basket)
• Hangers
• Extra long bedding (all college beds are 80”) and pillow
• Alarm clock
• Shower shoes
• Bucket to hold bathroom supplies
• Aspirin, Band Aids, Cough Drops, etc.
• Tissues
• Paper towels
• Flashlight
• Glue, tape, stapler, paperclips, post-it notes
• Sticky tack to hang posters
• Scissors
• Cleaning supplies for your room (and your bathroom unless you are assigned to Murphy Hall or Michaelhouse)
• A cable cord
• An ethernet cord

What NOT to Bring:

• Any fire hazard including INCENSE and CANDLES
• Hot plates, grills, toasters, toaster ovens, electric frying pans, or any cooking appliance
• Halogen lamps, halogen desk lamps
• Extension cords
• Weapons of any kind or anything that can be mistaken for a weapon
• Musical instruments or amplifiers
• Neon Signs
• Electric or fuel portable heaters
• Pets other than fish
• Any bed risers/cinder blocks
• Lofts
• Your car if you are going to be a freshman.

Want to get familiar with campus? Check out our virtual tours of campus on our website.

The basic FAQS are on the website as well if you have any concerns. Plus, the Admissions office is always here if you have any questions!

As for actual Move in Day there will be a lot of things going on but you’ll have a lot of help from Fisher. Orientation Team will help move your stuff in and tell you where to park. Residential Life and OIT (Office of Information Technology) will be on hand for any issues that day. You will also be given a list of events for the week in your folder at registration and will meet your Freshmen Seminar group/Advisor(s) that week. The first day is really not that scary and the good news is, since you’ll already be on campus before everyone gets back you’ll be familiar with your surroundings.

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P.S. -I better see all you prospects in the fall for overnights through Admissions! :)

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