Tuesday, October 12

Homecoming Weekend!

This past weekend was homecoming here at Fisher! On Friday afternoon, Fisher Fall Fest took place. All the different clubs on campus created different games that students could play. If a student won, they received a ticket to put into different raffles that were being raffled off. There was also food, an air brush tattooist, caricature and you could ride a mechanical bull! My favorite part of Fall Fest was winning a goldfish from one of the games! You had to throw a ping pong ball into fishbowls and if you made it in you would win a fish! Well, that is exactly what happened! Now I have a pet fish in my dorm room!

On Saturday, was the homecoming football game! It was also alumni weekend, so all my friends who have graduated came back! The stands were packed with students, families and alumni! The students had their own student section and the homecoming queen led the section in different cheers to get the crowd excited! The game was a great game and ended with Fisher winning 34-10. So far this season, Fisher has won all of their games! We right now are 6-0! I also really enjoyed seeing all of my friends that graduated last year! It was great to catch up with them and see what they are doing now that they have left Fisher!

Have a great week!


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