Thursday, November 18

100 days!

Hey Everybody,

If you didn’t hear it is 100 DAYS UNTIL TEDDI!!!! You are all probably like “Wait, what?” Well here is the scoop on Teddi Dance for Love. The Teddi dance is one of the largest community service activities Fisher’s campus plans and participates in all year. It is a 24-hour dance-a-thon, and all the money raised goes to a local group called Camp Good Days and Special Times which helps children with severe illnesses and troubled youth-it really is an awesome cause. Last year Fisher raised $45,638!!!!!!! That is incredible, and we are trying our best to beat it this year! Along with being a great cause it is a ton of fun too. My roommate is on the Teddi committee and I will be dancing the full 24 hours with her! I cannot wait=)

100 Days until Teddi is really like a holiday here on campus. The Teddi committee does a great job of getting everyone pumped up for it, and there are decorations all over campus continually reminding people of it! If you would like more information about Teddi check out the Fisher Teddi website page!

Ta-Ta For Now!


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