Tuesday, November 16

Registering for Classes!

Well today was the last time I will ever have to register for classes here at Fisher! I cannot believe that this spring is my last semester, and then I graduate! These 4 years sure have gone by fast!

Registering for classes was actually very easy because I only am taking 4 classes plus I am going to take a graduate class this spring! The registration process is very easy! When you register for classes, it is all done online. Prior to registering, you look up the classes online that you want and need to take. You also have to meet with your Advisor so he or she can give you a PIN to access the site where you need to register. You will get emailed a time when you can register, and then you just go on Fish ‘R’ Net and you type in the course registration numbers of the classes that you want to take. The whole process to register does not even take 5 minutes! Very simple!

My schedule next semester is great and I am very happy with it! No classes on Wednesdays or Fridays...yayyy! : )

Talk to you next week!


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