Monday, January 31

Open House

This weekend we had an Open House for prospective students. Unfortunately I didn't get to work the entire day, but I did get to do my favorite shift, the 2:30 to 5:00 campus tours. I like giving tours, especially to students visiting campus for the first time. There is a lot of responsibility with giving campus tours. I have to show students all the places they expect to see on a tour, but I also have to find time to fit in all the details that make Fisher an awesome college choice. It's hard because there are tons of things I want to say and only a short time to fit everything in!

The hardest yet easiest question to answer is always "why did you choose Fisher?". To answer this question I want to introduce students to my favorite professors, show them my lab equipment, have them talk to my favorite librarian, bring them to the Teddi Dance for Love, show them the Fall time campus, bring them to a football game! There's so many little things that make me love Fisher. Of course I cannot do all these things in a one hour tour.

I suggest that students take time to walk around explore the campus for themselves. Students should talk to and spend time with Fisher students. To get the real Fisher experience I suggest that students schedule an overnight visit. Students are then able to go to a class in the major they are interested in. They can meet professors, go to a campus event, or go to a club meeting. If students could spend a day in my shoes they would really see why Fisher is the only college for me.


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