Monday, January 31

Posted Friday:

Hello again!

So it’s Friday yay!!!! It has been a long week for both Amanda and Mags because we both had lots of work to do! But it was a good week because we were very productive and actually got to go to bed early! We just got back from the gym…go us! The facility here is SO nice to work out in. We usually do the elliptical for an hour then work on abs and weights…everything you need is available for you, it’s awesome. Or you could play racquetball because they rent out the equipment for you to use!!!!

Tonight we plan on having a huge movie night with friends and popcorn! We are so excited to just relax and hang out for the night with friends and junk food :) We are going to get an early start on our movie night because we need to get up early tomorrow to work OPEN HOUSE FOR YOU GUYS!!! We better see you all there!

We hope you have a fun Friday night like us! Hope to see you at the Open House!

-A and M

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