Monday, January 31


My name is Katie and I am a sophomore here at Fisher! I am a Childhood Education/Special Education major and I love it! I really like kids so I do a lot in that area. I am also a Service Scholar, which requires me to do hours of community service; however I LOVE my service site. I volunteer at Nazareth Hall Elementary where I work in the after school extended care program, in the Pre-K to 1st grade rooms. I love playing, reading, and coloring with all of the kids there. I go twice a week. Other than that I am a Nanny outside of school, in the town of Pittsford (a five min. drive from Fisher). I got my Nanny job through St. John Fisher's Career Center. You just go to Then click the career center. Once you are there you enter the career zone where you enter a small resume, and then click job search. A ton of job listings in the area will come up. I narrowed down my job search to childcare and a whole bunch of families came up looking for nannies. A lot are looking for students so they are willing to work around your schedule as well, and they are mostly only a couple days a week! I really recommend using this site!

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